Heute / 07:15 / DW English
Domestic Servants - Domestic Slaves
Documentary A 2017 45 Min.

More than 15 million women work as servants in private households in Asia and the Middle East, often in conditions amounting to slavery. About half of them are from the Philippines. Recruited by shady employment agencies, many of them are exploited, mistreated and sexually abused by their employers. An estimated 45 million people are subjected to this modern form of slavery in 167 countries worldwide. In Asia and the Middle East, many of them work as servants in private households. But labor migration is an important economic factor, especially for the Philippines: the money that the women send home to their families provides vital hard currency. Our documentary looks behind the façade of this form of modern slavery and shows how migrant workers in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia are joining forces to fight for better working conditions.